Web+7 is a full-service solution provider of digital signage, LED Displays interactive kiosks, Media network solutions. Our comprehensive suite of products and services includes system consulting and design, content management software, interactive solutions, installation services.

Our commercial grade touch screen indoor kiosk designed for 24/7 application features an elegant design and functionality making self-service and engagement with your customers easy. These kiosks can easily replace the traditional printed posters/ banners or any visual that requires frequent communication or shout-outs. These are one time investments that give you an immediate return on investment.

Our high brightness outdoor interactive kiosk are perfectly engineered simple solution for all outdoor advertising needs. Their unique features such as anti-corrosion , anti-theft , automatic – light sensors for brightness control , intelligent air cooling systems and connectivity make it a perfect choice for any outdoor location .

Our outdoor kinetic structures has a powerful capability to interact with your customers in a unique way . Our kinetic sculptures are capable of enhancing commercial spaces and impressing visitors. Our team of creative minds, solution engineers, project managers and in-house general contractors guide projects during design, fabrication and installation to deliver a brand solution with a true value exchange with their audiences while they’re moving.

Typical Applications
Mall Navigation Systems | Hotels & Reception Area | Financial Institutions | Government offices | information points | European Airport & rail stations | Museums & Exhibitions | C-store

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Main Features

Different alarm levels of. Based on pre-set thresholds

Automatic filtering incoming security devices based on custom whitelist.

Automatically send security advices to email addresses

Graphical representation of the published security devices

We bring next-generation interactive LED displays to European with endless possibilities. Use these displays to create large Interactive Wall and Interactive Floor surfaces and covert any space into an unforgettable experience. These touchless interactive displays will deliver a unique experience and engage your visitors. Use them for numerous applications including active gaming, directions, communications and a digital interior design for fascinating your customers.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is B1169536332.jpgTRANSPARENT LED DISPLAYS
Our revolutionary transparent display allows users to view what is shown on a glass screen while still being able to see through it. This display technology allows daylight sunlight to filter through, creating a natural interior atmosphere while still delivering attractive, get-noticed digital video on the front of the display. The high transparency and high-resolution features of this product make them highly suitable for in-store advertising by delivering eye-catching visual effects while enhancing the brand image and maintaining the stylish design of the store.

Outdoor Signage
One stop outdoor communication solution Catch your potential customer’s attention with our range of outdoor signage integrated solutions.

Digital Wayfinding
The perfect navigation solutionBizUp Digital Signage designs exclusive and unique way finders with 100% customization.

LCD Advertising Player
Our sleek LCD advertising player is used in various industries such as retail, hospitality and F&B. Play various multimedia formats, and use our cloud-based software to schedule content. They come with an aluminium frame and a tempered glass frontage.

Digital Menu Boards
Flexible and easy to use technology all over Estonia and European in all fields and locations Digital menu boards have many advantages over the traditional printed menus. Restaurants are adopting digital menus at a fast pace across the region.

Interactive Kiosks
The perfect solution for communicationBizUp Digital Signage provides interactive kiosks in Estonia that help you engage and interact with your customers in a more meaningful way.

Video Wall
Impressive visuals with high definition Video Walls Video walls are among the most effective tools for engaging customers, designed with perfection and precision atBizUp Digital Signage.

Digital Signage withBizUp Digital Systems

Web+7 has the passion for developing intelligent digital signage solutions. We make your business perform well with our different solutions targeted to different audience. It means the message is conveyed better to the audience. Through our years of experience in offering the Digital Signage solutions, we can extend you the best possible advice for your organizations. Our services are available to high-level sectors including the financial sectors, educational institutions, corporate offices, hospitality and more. The hardware we use for the deployment are certified and pre-designed.

It makes an effective communication by touching important information pertaining to a corporate like welcoming the guests in the reception area to display signage in the boardrooms and other areas. It makes way for a cohesive working environment by connecting the employees, management and the visitors.

  • Corporate branding and messaging from a single location
  • Effective internal communication
  • Successful information Sharing
  • Brand recognition
  • Improving enthusiasm
  • Providing safety and health tips
  • Live news feeds and many