Animated explainer videos are a perfect tool for attracting visitors to your site and telling them about the key benefits and features of your product or service. According to a research an average user spends only about 10-20 seconds on a website and that is the time you have to make the user get engaged and explain your product and service. Part of Google’s algorithm for search rankings considers the amount of time visitors stay on your website, which is one reason online video is seeing explosive growth. Increasing your conversion rates, clarifying your product, and boosting your sales make explainer videos an excellent marketing tool.

An explainer video creates brand awareness for your company.

95% of people have watched an explainer video to learn more about a brand in 2017.

As many as 76% of users say they would share a branded product/service video with their friends if it was entertaining.

81% of consumers were convinced to buy a product or service by attending a brand’s video.

97% of marketers confirm that video has helped increase user understanding of their product or service.

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Our Animation Services:

2D Character Animation

2D animation uses a two-dimensional artistic space to create characters and movements with
them. Our service charges for 2D animation are:

Early Stage :€ 412
Startup :€ 815
Premium :€ 1640

Motion Graphic Animation

Motion graphics are animated graphic designs with text as a major component. Our charges for motion graphic animation are as follows:

Early Stage :€ 323
Startup :€ 670
Premium :€ 1228

Infographic Animation

Infographic animations combine various animations to create an informational video to help clear the perceptions of the viewers about the subject matter. Our charges for infographic animation are:

Early Stage :€ 245
Startup :€ 569
Premium :€ 982

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animations use a whiteboard where a story or storyboard with pictures gets hand-drawn by a marker pen. Our charges for whiteboard animation are:

Early Stage :€ 200
Startup :€ 491
Premium :€ 826

Kinetic Typography Animation

KInetic typography mixes text with a motion to create moving texts that are intended to convey a particular idea. Our charges for kinetic typography animation are:

Early Stage :€ 167
Startup :€ 412
Premium :€ 647

Screencast Animation & Mobile App Demo Animation

Screencast animation uses a digital recording of a computer screen output. Mobile app demo animation can demonstrate the functionality of your mobile app with colorful and engaging animation schemes. Our charges for screencast animation & mobile app demo animation are mentioned here:

Early Stage :€ 167
Startup :€ 245
Premium :€ 334

We create explainer videos, advertisement videos, marketing videos, e-learning videos, product videos, and training videos.

Early Stage
45-60 seconds
Basic Illustrations
Basic Voice Over
Background Music
Logo Animation
1 Week Turnaround
1 Revision
Full HD Resolution
60-90 seconds
Script Writing
Stock Illustrations
Professional Voice Over
Background Music
Logo Animation
2 Weeks Turnaround
3 Revisions
Full HD Resolution
90-120 seconds
Script Writing
Custom + Stock Illustrations
Professional Voice Over
Background Music
Logo Animation
2 Weeks Turnaround
4 Revisions
Full HD Resolution

How to use your video:

On your website

Social Media

Email Marketing Campaign

Online Advertising Campaign

Conventions & Seminars

Training & Onboarding

Email Signature

Sales Pitches

Video Promotion:

DurationNumber of ViewsCost
1 Month10,000€ 122
3 Months40,000€ 290
6 Months75,000€ 446