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Whatever business or organization you are dealing with, proper brand promotion is an important element for both of them. In this online digitization era, people use the internet for various purposes such as collecting information and for online shopping. When people choose anything for purchasing, they chose a brand, which is compared, sidelined and treated like a commodity.But in the changing scenario, often, it is found that your brand had to face a number of challenging situations and threats.

One of the biggest challenges to overcome is getting negative publicity which not only hits your brand but also loses the attention of the users because of miscommunication. If you want to leverage the potential of the online medium, for online brand promotion, then you can seek help from professionals at Web+7.

Our branding program includes brand identity, messaging, web copy, content writing, business card letterheads design, brochure / e-brochure design, social media design, e-mail design,website design and development, logo design, explainer video production and digital marketing.

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Identity Logo

A logo portrays your brand name and tells the story behind your business to your clients. We help you in designing your logo in a very creative manner and display your brand globally.


A website is the front face of your business which displays your business globally. A website should be creative, attractive, responsive and user-friendly, which portrays your business in an engaging manner.

Email Signature

Grow your business by creating a branding signature as an ending to your emails with the company’s logo and information. It’s a great way to look more professional and will help you to raise brand awareness.

Company Blog 

Get your own company blog, collaborate for guest blog posts and pass the knowledge to your audience. This will also help in improving your website SEO.

Search Engine Optimization

Improve your visibility on search engines by using SEO and build a stronger brand presence online.Newsletter Update the Viewers with your latest news and activities time to time. This can help in generating your website traffic and your clients.

Business Listing

Expand your business all over the world by locating your business on Google Places or Google Maps. Update your business details by using local business directories which help you in getting high rank on search engines.

Explainer Video

Animated explainer video is a short marketing video that puts in the spotlight a firms invention or services, which in turn helps promote the company.
Also, an animated explainer video refers to a short advertising video which helps drive engagement and increase a company’s revenue.

Brand Collaterals

Recommendations straight from experienced Design team that help you recognize the fonts, styles, and colors most compatible with your brand. You can easily share the brand collaterals with others to maintain brand consistency. Make it official and show off your professionalism with a branded business proposal, letterhead, invoice, business cards, brochures and envelopes.

Social Media Optimization

Set up social media accounts such asFacebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,Google+, etc. and get more client engagement onto your website. Socialize your company by creating accounts on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. and share your news trends and start interacting with your audience to create a stronger social media presence.