CRM helps to improve the relationship with your existing customers. You can conduct transactions with prospective customers and win back former customers. Collecting, organizing and managing information of your customer becomes easy with the help of this software. CRM software is advantageous for any business.

Main Features:

• Tracks customer activity at each end point.
• Identifies customer’s purchase and sales habit.
• Generates and record the history of purchase orders, sales orders and invoices.
• Enables cross-selling or upselling by providing historical data.
• Tracks customer communication, problems, and solutions systematically
• Based on customer feedback and communication, it helps to generate sales forecasts
• Based on the purchase history, the target audience for the product can be identified
• As your business has historical data of all customers, it helps the organization prevent gaps in customer service due to attrition

Real Estate Features:

• Inventory per Availability, Unit, Project, Tower, Typology or in general.
• Unit Data: Typology, Sq Ft, Sq Mt, Balcony, Areas, Plot, Parking options .
• Facebook Leads.
• Property Portals Leads.
• Ads Portals Leads.
• Landing Page for Marketing/Leads .
• Online Orders with Live Inventory, Customer data, Document Upload, Booking, Reservation and Payment Gateways.
• Sales offer with Payment Payment and Plan.
• Payment Plans and Discounts.
• Purchase Offer.
• Sales Purchase Agreement (SPA)