Do you have a restaurant or takeaway? Increase your sales and loyalty to your existing customers with FoodBooking.

Get orders through your website or APP (android and iPhone). Have your daily menu updated. Send automatic alerts by email and SMS (order acceptance, order status, delivery, withdrawal), automate internal processes and loyalty to your customers with points card.

With your own APP (Android and iPhone), your customers can check the daily menu, place the order, receive messages, view order history, update customer data, etc.

Send alerts (SMS and Email) to customers in an automated way, at the anniversary, with acceptance or rejection of the order. Send campaigns and promotions, advise vacation dates, etc.

Have your loyalty card customized (with your logo) with points, integrated with the computer platform. Assign and deduct points for payment of orders.

Manage on your PC or tablet the orders, customers, daily menu, stocks, prices, alerts (SMS and Email), points, campaigns, promotions and more on the platform.